• The Making Of GoGaia


Isha, Riva, & Donna are all true Generation Z planet dwellers since 2000.
The three teenagers joined forces in 2016 to create GoGaia, inspired by a sustainable energy project
at their school in Amsterdam. They are driven by the realization that planet earth can do very well without us and their dedication
to DO something positive & meaningful for the future of the planet they inhabit and the society they take part in,
hopefully for quite a long time. Together, they hope to inspire their generation to join them
in their mission to make a difference, to change for the better, and to have fun doing it!

Isha Scheenaard

Ik maak me al sinds mijn 8e zorgen over de wereld. Als kind was mijn grootste wens om ‘Baas van de wereld’ te worden en alle problemen op te lossen. Ik had toen ook een website opgezet en deed mee aan een project van Judith Nab gedaan over het fantaseren van kinderen. Dit heeft mij toentertijd erg geïnspireerd, omdat de fantasie van kinderen eindeloos is en vrij. Ik ben gepassioneerd over muziek en ben volop bezig in de djwereld. Het liefst dans ik dan ook elke ochtend als ik wakker wordt. Verder doe ik aan hockey en hou ik van nieuwe dingen leren en experimenteren, zoals programmeren en gezond eten. Ook spreekt reizen me heel erg aan en de nieuwe culturen die je daarbij leert kennen.

Riva Stuij

Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about injustice and the beauty of our planet. My travels through Europe as well as China, Thailand, UAE, Turkey, New Zealand & Australia have inspired me even more to do what I can for my future home, Planet Earth! I am an avid photographer, fanatic about food, design & fashion and I love to draw, create and write. You can also occasionally find me on the lacrosse fields, a yoga mat or on a SUP board in the harbours of Amsterdam, where I live on a houseboat. My dreams: Future Planet Studies, becoming a marine biologist/ industrial designer and travelling Citizen of the World.

Donna Hermans

I like spending time outside and love taking initiatives. For example, I often go horse-back riding through the Amsterdam Forrest. But—because I am ambitious and a perfectionist—I also participate in dressage competitions. I enjoy organising and planning events, such as a trip or an activity for GoGaia. I love learning and have a keen interest in the world around us. This is the reason that I enjoy traveling to foreign countries: this is where you can experience something new, such as a different culture or landscape.
My mother and my little brother are both avid tennis players, and you’ll find me on the tennis court regularly as well. I used to take piano lessons. I still enjoy playing the piano once in a while. Because the beautiful thing about the piano—pretty much every kind of music—is that it allows the listener to lose themselves in the sounds.