I thought it was so much fun to think critically about important issues.

From healthy cigarettes to windmills attached to one’s home, kids come up with the most creative solutions to world problems! Gogaia visits schools to ask kids how we can improve the world.  

Isha Scheenaard: “The first question we asked in group 7B at the Boekmanschool in Amsterdam was: ‘What world problem bothers you the most? The answers varied, but many children said that the plastic soup, the mistreatment of animals, and waste were the biggest issues of concern. These concerns were addressed in three individual lessons. In the first lesson, we brainstormed about world problems, such as waste, the environment, health, poverty, etc. We came up with a range of ideas and tried to find creative ways to make these ideas more concrete in the second lesson. Some kids worked together in groups; others worked alone. Using computers, kids searched for information and gave shape to their ideas through 3D designs, drawings, and/or apps. They also researched what materials would be most effective to deal with particular problems. In the final lesson, the kids presented their ideas in short Elevator Pitches. These pitches were all unique and a lot of fun to watch: for example, one group came up with healthy cigarettes, which contained chocolate and vanilla, so that fewer people would get cancer. Lighting their cigarettes to show how it worked, they did not consider that the chocolate would melt ?! Another idea involved a car with balloons underneath, as research has demonstrated that static electricity attracts dust particles. We also saw a house with a windmill attached, so that rainwater could be used to generate energy. Someone else thought of an app that allows people to explore the world through an animal’s eyes: when people can relate to animals, we can fight the mistreatment of animals. And so on and so on. Gogaia was very proud and delighted to see all the enthusiasm! As one of the kids pointed out, ‘I thought it was so much fun to think critically about important issues!’ Perhaps that is Gogaia’s most important responsibility: asking questions, listening, and motivating children to seriously consider world issues. And in a few afternoons, it becomes obvious that children’s open-minded view on world problems can offer valuable solutions.”

Does your school want to participate in the Gogaia initiative? Please contact us at info@gogoaia.org, and we’d be happy to meet with you!